Join Us For The Story Starting September 10 2017

Come join us at St. Johns as we begin a new series called The Story! We will be learning how God’s story and our own personal stories connect. Author and pastor Randy Frazee offers video teaching on each of the 31 chapters. We will grow spiritually by reading the Bible in a new way and come to understand how the story of scripture-God’s great overarching purpose-intersects with the story of our lives.

“The key to understanding the Bible,” says Randy Frazee,” is seeing the two perspectives involved.” The Lower Story, our story, is many stories of men and women interacting with God in the daily course of life. The Upper Story, God’s story, is the tale of God’s great, overarching purpose that fits all the individual stories together like the panels in one unified mural.

Do you want more spiritual growth in your own life? If so, this is the place to be this Fall! We will be starting our series this Sunday, Sept. 10 at our 8:30 AM service. Saturday service is at 5:00 PM. We hope you will join as in learning more about God’s great story of love for each one of us!


If  you want to read more about The Story you can go to


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