Ash Wednesday Thoughts

As we begin our Lenten journey we remember Christ’s 40 day journey into the desert. He went to the desert away from people, distractions and even food. He fasted and prayed. Jesus, the Son of God, God Himself prayed.

Let us take this time of Lent to prepare our hearts, to fast and pray. Fast from food? Maybe, but more importantly fast from something that distracts you and takes away from your spiritual journey. Perhaps it’s the television, social media, any one of the main distractions in our world.

My challenge to you is: Take the time to fast and pray. Listen with an open spirit to what God may be telling you. Start your prayer “Come Lord Jesus” and just sit, quietly and wait. It takes time to develop this kind of discipline.

Today we remember as we celebrate the beginning of this Lenten season: From dust you were born and to dust you shall return. That’s not the end of the story!! Listen this Lenten season as we look forward to Christ’s glorious resurrection.

Share how you are fasting during this Lenten season.                                                                                                                                                                                           


Bonnie Marburger

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