The Beginning Of Life As We Know It-The Story Week One

As we began The Story this week we learn that God made Adam and Eve, and all mankind in His image. God is perfect. We started out that way, however, God gave us a wonderful gift to show our love back to Him, free will. God wanted Adam and Eve to choose to love Him and live with Him in perfection. However, Adam & Eve chose to turn away from God and so all mankind is fallen and imperfect. We still have free will. We can still choose to believe and follow God and His plan for our lives.

We learn how God chose Noah to repopulate the earth and the animal kingdom. God gave us a promise in the form of a rainbow, promising never to cover the entire world again with flood waters.However, Noah also was stricken with the “sin” virus of mankind. So God has to choose another way for His people and all mankind to be saved and live in His kingdom forever. It involves sacrifice of one’s blood. The only one who could give his blood for each and every one of us is Jesus.

As we progress in The Story we will see how God chose to save us and how we too can live with Him forever. We all choose. God doesn’t care how dirty with sin we are. He loves us with all of our dirt and sin.  God has already chosen us to be His people.  By God’s grace and the power of His Holy Spirit, we can accept God’s gift to us and choose life through Christ. It’s the simplest thing in the world to do, but also difficult to humble ourselves, confess our sins, and give ourselves back to the one true God.

Let God help you discover your lower story through God’s upper story, the Bible.

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