Christ centered Lent

As we progress in this season of Lent, we challenge ourselves to minimize the self indulgences of today’s world and focus our time and our thoughts to Christ.  Several years ago our congregation united with the North American Lutheran Church. The core values of the NALC provide guidance to us as a congregation and a disciple of Christ.  “Christ Centered”, the first core value guides us to center our lives around Christ and not in the worldly endeavors.  We do this through devotion and love for Him in our daily prayer and scripture reading.  We make a conscience effort during the season of Lent to strive closer to Him and be Christ centered.  I challenge myself and all to dedicate ourselves to this core value.  Let us strive to be Christ centered now and every day in our life.  Only then can we be fully prepared for the mission, the one and only mission “The Great Commission”.

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