Christ’s sacrifice, our sacrifice for celebrating marriage

How can we relate our Lenten journey with our Marriage journey?

During our Lenten journey this year I thought about Christ’s sacrifice for Duane and me and our marriage. There are times we all judge we have sacrificed many things and even ourselves for the sake of family and marriage. One cliche I heard early on in our marriage was “You have to give up your personality and own desires to have a happy marriage.”

I have learned over the years it’s not a matter of giving up or sacrificing my own desires or personality to have a happy marriage. What we need to give up are worldly desires and have the desire to serve our mighty God and be at one with our spouse. It’s not a matter of giving in or giving up, however, we both just give to each other as if serving Christ himself. When I focus on Christ, Duane and our marriage I am much happier and productive than when I dwell on me, myself and I. The saying “No man is an island” is applicable in the Christian’s walk. God intended for us to “walk” our lives with others, to be beacons of light shining in this world.

We, the church, are Christ’s bride and He sacrificed his very life so we might live ours with hope, joy and love.

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