A Day of Lutheran History

On Friday we began our day traveling to Coburg to see Coburg Fortress where Martin Luther stayed during the Diet of Augsburg in the summer of 1530. He was not able to attend since he was banned from that part of the country. He spent his time translating parts of the Bible into the German language as well as writing letters and other articles.

In the afternoon we traveled on to see the Labor Camp of Buchenwald, a tragic site of World War II. Thousands were killed; men, women and children simply for their race. This was a humbling experience to see. Below are pictures of the camp, where only the cinder rocks remain where the bunk houses were, as well as the ovens where prisoners were cremated. A memorial has been erected so these people are never forgotten.

Today we traveled to Torgau where Katherine, Luther’s wife is buried in St. Mary’s Church. We had some fun trying to look like Martin and Katy. Duane got special permission to climb the pulpit at St. Mary’s. You might notice the 4 hour glasses on his right. I don’t know that we would want to give him so many at St. John’s! Dr. Luther designed this church and preached here many times.

Between Torgau and Leizpig we visited the site of the convent where Katy escaped, the Nimbschen Cloister. She and 11 other nuns were rescued and rode to safety in herring barrels.

We went on to Leipzig and visited St. Nikolai Church as well as St. Thomas Church(I don’t have pictures of these 2 churches) where Dr Luther preached in 1539 and where Johann Sebastian Bach was the Cantor from 1723-1750. While there we enjoyed a beautiful organ concert, complete with A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

It’s been a wonderful experience to walk in the places of so much history. God has been gracious. We are staying healthy enjoying this trip.

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