Education at Saint Johns Lutheran Church

We offer education opportunities for all ages. There is Sunday School for children ages 3-High school on Sunday mornings as well as Adult Bible Study and confirmation classes for Grades 7-8

Currently we are studying stories of Jesus in the New testament, learning more about trusting God in all circumstances of life. Our weekly offerings are supporting Samaritan's Purse outreach to farming communities in thrid world countries.

To see what is happening for youth at the Garage you can follow their Facebook at

On the 3rd Monday of every month there is a women’s Bible Study in the church fellowship hall. All ladies are welcome. For more information please call the church office at 815-269-2162. This year we are studying the book "Rejoice in the Lord, Always." It is a study of Pauls letter to the Philippians.

Vacation Bible School is held every summer, usually in June. Children of all ages are welcome.

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Our Core Values

Christ-Centered - Mission Driven - Traditionally Grounded - Congregationally Focused

These core values direct what we do every day, find out what these mean to us


Our History

St. John’s Lutheran Church began as German Lutheran immigrants from Ostfriesland settled in the Danforth, IL area. 

The first Lutheran services were held during 1870 in the small schoolhouse


Our Leadership

First and foremost our Great High Priest is Christ Jesus.  But our flock is also shepherded by some great leaders.  

You can learn more about why we are pretty proud those God has blessed us with. 



Jesus left no doubt that his desire for us is to be his hands and feet to the world. 

From caring for those nearby to reaching those far away, St Johns Lutheran church is a church on mission.


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Men's Ministry

"Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth." - Chuck Norris

Man up!

There's no doubt that todays society lacks men of integrity.  At St John's Lutheran Church we understand that men are not born with an innate sense of what a real man should be.  Manhood must be taught. 

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Women's Ministry

"Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic."

-Rosalind Russell

God's Girl

Femininity is defined not in what the latest pop culture says about what a women should be, but in the great worth her Heavenly Father has placed on her. When women start to see themselves as God sees them her value is extended beyond human imagination.    Learn more >>

Youth Ministry

"Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Growing up

What we lack as adults is often what we could not find in our youth.  The teen years have never been easy, but the man who builds his house on the rock comes out of the storm with a solid foundation. 

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