Lutheran Pilgrimage Continues

As we have continued our pilgrimage we have been blessed beyond measure to see sights and imagine the scenes in history.

On Sunday we began our day traveling to West Berlin to worship with friends at Trinity Lutheran Church. This church has a large ministry to refugees from Iran and Syria. The excitement and enthusiasm for learning God’s word was amazing and contagious. They have had difficult lives, been driven from or given up their homes and for many their families so they can worship God and be safe. They invited us for lunch and fellowship after church.



We saw parts of the old Berlin Wall which are still standing (without barb wire and guards of course). We also saw the Checkpoint Charlie gate and museum square. More pictures later on that.

Today we toured Wittenburg. We saw the place of the oak tree where Martin Luther burned the papal bull just outside the city gate. (The original tree has been replaced)

We saw the Luther home. Oh my, imagining running that household is mind boggling! I have a picture with Katherine’s statue outside their home. She is quickly becoming my hero. She served God, her family and others with so much grace and humility.

We saw St. Mary’s Church which is considered the “Mother Church of the Reformation” and know as the Town Church where the common population worshiped. Here we had our daily devotions. We also saw The Castle Church where Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses and is buried.

Plus we had our picture taken under Martin Luther’s statue. Our personal story is regarding our first kiss was under Martin Luther’s statue at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis in 1973!! History repeated!

May you be richly blesses this day!

Pastor Duane and Bonnie

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