Praise and Thanksgiving for God’s Story in Our Story

In the past few months we have been journeying through the Old Testament learning how God uses the most unlikely people to accomplish His work. Have you ever thought how important you are in God’s story? As we learn more about how God wants to be a part of our daily lives I have become more thankful for His love and grace. Next week we will celebrate Thanksgiving in our community as the 2 churches join and we worship God. Let us make God the top priority as we worship in Thanksgiving and Praise together. We are so thankful for a bountiful harvest, safety and well being of our farmers and their families. We have much to be thankful for. Most of all we are thankful for the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf. That is truly something to celebrate as God’s people.

Please join us for a worship service at St. Johns Wednesday evening November 22 at 7:00. Pastor Mack will be bringing the message and we will have handbells and joint choir.

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