Have you shared your story, your faith?

He is risen!! I know, because He lives in me. This week at St. John’s we will have the opportunity to hear from Pastors Nijihar & Neeraj Ekka, missionaries with the NALC who serve in India.

They will share their story and how we can help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ across the globe. It’s important, however, that we share our story with the people we meet every day, whether at work, school, shopping, playing. Let others know you have Christ in your heart.

There is much to celebrate as we prepare to see 3 young people affirm their faith at St. John’s on May 7. We pray for them, that they will share their faith openly with others and live it out daily.

Let us continue to pray that God will put those people in our path who need to know Him, and that we have the faith to share our faith.

A question I might ask you this week: How are you sharing your faith?

Please join us this Saturday at 5:00 PM or Sunday at 8:30 AM to hear Pastors Nijihar and Neeraj Ekka. We will be hosting a lunch on Sunday after the Sunday School hour. All are welcome.

Come, Let us Celebrate!!

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